Worst Enemy

I see Fear as:

F: Fate

E: Everyone

A: Always

R: Reacts to

I believe fear is the very first emotion we feel, from the moment we are born. The infant fear coming out of the comfort of Mother’s womb. Toddlers fear wounds from falling. Kids fear making parents angry because they broke a vase or watched too much television. Teenagers fear they would flop exams or will not impress their teachers and parents. Young adults fear they will end up living alone for the rest of their lives. Adults fear they will find the perfect job, perfect partner, perfect home……………. Elders fear they will suffer from pain and sicknesses………. All these fears lead to us being our worst enemy. It is fear that limits us, it is fear that breaks us.

imagesNow the question is, do we let our fears control us? Majority do because it is easy to let fear take control. It is easy to be weak. It is easy to be afraid than fight. Yes fighting is hard work and you always have to be at your best. So what we do is give in to our fears and let it control us. Now by giving into our fears, we forget our own strength. We let ourselves down by reacting negatively and most of the time taking the wrong decisions. Fears cloud our minds. Fears clog our thoughts. Fears don’t bring the best out of us.

However, just like in a coin, fear has two sides to it. I expressed how it can break us. But, fear can also make us. Yes, rather than reacting, if we respond to fear, we can grow from good to great. We will be stronger because fears make us understand our strengths and weaknesses and molds us to face any situation. So fear not, you are there for yourself. You are your best weapon and the only one who can respond to fear and make your fears the best growth ingredient.

Why do I say respond to fear? because you can and you are good enough for yourself. You deserve not to be broken from fear but raised and strengthened by the very fear you feared. Embrace fear because only then can you be good enough for yourself. Once you learn to respond to fear, you will also learn to be happy and confident. Good Luck and Remember,…..you are good enough for yourself.

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